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Meet Karen

Karen is a wife, mother, blogger, author, traveler and all around lover of life.  She is passionate about her family, writing, traveling and authentically sharing her journey.  That journey is filled with food, fun, friends and family and the occasional spiritual epiphany.  She may not always know which way she’s going, but she’ll be sure to share the lessons along the way.

Karen's Story

Karen's passion for writing began at age 12 when a beloved English teacher hinted she might be good at it.  It was temporarily squelched in college, but blossomed again as Karen became a mother and began journaling through her motherhood journey.  As the end of that daily mothering journey approaches, she is pouring her passion into living her best life, which will most certainly include her passion for constant spiritual evolution, her love of people and her quest to have the most fun possible in life.  Thanks for joining her on the journey and welcome aboard!

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