Cheesy Potato Corn Chowder with Broccoli

Cheesy Ham and Corn Chowder

Potato Corn Chowder ingredients
These yummy ingredients will become yummier soup.

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Some of the best recipes are the ones that aren’t written down.  The problem with that is when someone asks you for your recipe, you’re stumped as to how to explain how to make it.  That was the case with this recipe.  I make it every year the week after Christmas because my family gets sick of leftovers.  So, I make soup, specifically cheesy potato corn chowder.  It usually ends up as a lunch that we have with sandwiches, and it clears out my fridge as it fills my family’s bellies.  The best part is that it’s quick and easy.

 The magic of this chowder is that I already make nearly everything that goes into it for our Christmas dinner.  We have ham, au gratin potatoes, corn and lima beans for dinner, along with homemade bread.  It’s a simple meal with plenty of leftovers. 

A recipe to taste

 Because I never measure anything, the recipe is also easy to change to suit your taste.  Also, if you have mashed potatoes rather than au gratin, you can add cheese to your taste and skip part of the prep.  If you’re unsure about how to turn your leftovers into a yummy soup or chowder, email me at and I’ll do my best to create a custom recipe for your leftovers.

Diced ham for Potato Corn Chowder
Chopped ham for Potato Corn Chowder

A couple of days after Christmas, I put the leftover potatoes in a small soup pot and chop them up with a wooden spoon into manageable chunks before heating them.  Hint:  They chop easier when they’re cold.  After chopping the potatoes, I add milk as needed.  I start with a cup of milk and stir while heating the mixture on low.

Easy recipe directions

While the potatoes and milk are heating, I dice up the leftover ham until I have about a cup of it and add that to the potatoes.  At this point I almost always add more milk to thin out the chowder just a bit.  Then I add the corn, also a cup or so.  The butter in the corn and the juice of the ham will also thin the soup a bit so it’s ok if the soup is thick when you add these items.  Continue to warm on low temperature, to avoid scorching the cheesy sauce, until the chowder gets to a temperature you like.  Do not cook above medium or you will not like the results in the bottom of the pan, trust me.  You can also make this one in your handy dandy slow cooker if you want to make it and let it go.  Cook for an hour to an hour an a half on high and up to three hours on low.  If you’re looking for an new slow cooker, click here for a great deal on a new Crock Pot.

 Pumping up the nutrition

Broccoli for Cheesy potato ham chowder
Never hurts to add a little extra nutrition.

You can also add some herbs if you have a favorite to change the flavor or even add a bit of cayenne pepper to spice the soup up a bit.  Part of the beauty of soup and chowder is being able to personalize it to your own taste.  Another benefit of this particular chowder is that it’s ready quickly but tastes like you’ve cooked for hours.  If you like thinner soup, keep adding milk or even a bit of chicken stock until you get the consistency you like.

 The final product

Cheesy Potato Corn Chowder with Broccoli
Final product – Cheesy Potato Corn Chowder wtih Broccoli

So there you have it, an easy chowder that makes a delicious meal, costs nothing more and gets you out of the kitchen quickly.  Does a recipe get any better than that?  Have a wonderful post-holiday week and if you enjoy what you’ve read, check out for more recipes and fun.

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