Living Up To Your Commitment

The 12 Week Year
The 12 Week Year

Recently I’ve been reading The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. Nearly every page has some amazing nugget of inspiration. One of the lines about commitment hit me hard this morning. According to the authors, “A commitment is a personal promise. Keeping your promises to others builds trust and strong relationships, and keeping promises to yourself builds character, esteem and success.” (pg 50). I realized I am great at keeping my commitments to others. I often fail at keeping promises to myself.

You see, I signed up for a blogging course back in February or March. The course has twelve units, and I thought I could easily finish them by the conference. I am on the second unit; yes, Unit 2 of 12. My initial plan was to complete one unit per week, although the creator of the program suggests at least one week and preferably one month per unit. I miserably failed my commitment to myself. As I’m writing this, I have five weeks to prepare for a blogging conference in Portland, Oregon associated with this course. When I land in Portland, I want to feel like I belong there as a professional blogger, not that I’ve failed yet again to reach a desired goal.

A lifetime commitment

On the flip side, my son got married on August 5th. It was a beautiful and stunning wedding and reception with a rehearsal dinner for 75. It was a busy and fun filled weekend, and my son and his wife truly got the wedding of their dreams. The commitment to give them the best possible day was certainly fulfilled. The ceremony was beautiful. The bride was stunning, as were her bridesmaids. The groomsmen were handsome and well behaved. The reception was fun and the happy couple were adored and loved on all evening. Mission accomplished and commitment fulfilled in every way.

Changes on the Horizon

Now I have five weeks to do what I initially planned to do in five months. Who knows what I’ll accomplish, but the deadline is looming, and maybe, just maybe I can shift the energy I put into the wedding into this blog. Maybe I can evolve into the blogger, writer and eventually the speaker I dream of becoming. Maybe I can commit to writing and improving the blog and taking care of myself in the process. Maybe I can learn to live up to the commitments I make to myself as well as I live up to the commitments I make to others. It will be a new experience, but it’s one I’m willing to try. With any luck, that will mean a much better experience for all those who read and enjoy the blog. And perhaps that’s the greatest commitment of all, to make life better for myself while making life better for others. I can’t think of a better way to live, so hang on; it’s bound to be an interesting ride.

Commitments to constant improvement
Website and blog improvements coming soon

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