Why I Love Positive Accountability and How to find your own Accountability Partners

How to find your accountability tribe
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I am a born collaborator, team player and family member.  I love people working together to make wonderful things happen which is probably why my life improved through marriage and having children.  My husband and I bonded over cooking together.  I organized my home and life with the help of some online friends and my children,  15 minutes at a time.  When my husband and I started working on our finances together, we paid off $36,000 of credit card debt in a little over two years and helped finance six years of college with approximately six more to go.  I love being a collaborator because I love the mutual accountability, but it wasn’t always this way.

Some of my favorite accountability partners are in this photo
One of my favorite events and collaborations each year, Easter at my house


Not Always a Blessing

For most of my life, I thought being a person who works better with others was a terrible character flaw.   Every report card said I did good work but spent too much time socializing.  Every job listing asked for someone detail oriented who worked independently.  I worked some of those jobs and hated them.  If you know me, that probably doesn’t surprise you one bit, because if you know me, you know I love people and I love talking with them.  A few of my friends and relatives even comment about how funny it is to watch me float from group to group at a gathering, talking with everyone and including as many people as I can in conversation.  Is it any wonder I thrive with accountability partners?

The value of collaboration and accountability
Collaboration can speed up success like nothing else.


Together Everyone Achieves More

Currently, I work with six groups on different projects.  I still have my home organization accountability friends.  I have several accountability groups for blogging and for a creative group.  Each group energizes me and helps me focus on what I want out of my life because let’s face it, it’s so easy to escape into the TV, tablet or phone screen and forget to dream and fulfill those dreams.  These accountability partners point me in the direction of my dreams and inspire me to live better every day.  Some I met in person after connecting online and we are friends.  Some I still dream of meeting and some may remain treasured names on a screen.

What if you could have accountability partners all over the world?
Inspiration can come from anywhere. The more we learn about one another, the more alike we realize we are.


It Takes More Than a Village

What amazes me is how I found kindred spirits all over the world.  I have online friends all over the US, in Canada, Europe, the Philippines, Australia and even the Middle East.  We share struggles about keeping houses organized, creative angst and triumphs, business challenges and successes, and we realize that we are much more alike than different, which is a much bigger gift than we ever expected to get from a bootcamp, an online chat group or a blogging accountability group.  It makes the world smaller and less scary, and I think we need much more of that.

Searching for your tribe and accountability partners
Looking for your tribe

Finding Your Accountability  Tribes

So how do you find these groups?  Just Google it, because they’re everywhere.  I’ve always said there are more good people in this world than bad, and every accountability group I belong to proves that over and over again.  Nearly all of them post guidelines and expectations of their members and most include kindness and respect.  They require it of all members.  In a time where so many hurl ugliness through the internet, it’s refreshing to find people who still focus on creating joy, success and beauty.  It’s even more refreshing that we don’t tolerate each other’s differences, we accept them.  People in other parts of the world understand the United States a little better because they communicate with me and others in the group who view things differently.  I understand the influence of the United States in the rest of the world.  It is a sacred journey to embrace the world and listen to what they long to say.  It is more sacred to hear and understand, and perhaps that is the greatest gift of all from these accountability groups.  They hold me accountable for my home, my blog and my creativity, but they expand the view of what I’m truly accountable for.  I know I am a member of a much larger community called the human race.  When we are accountable for how we treat one another, regardless of how the other treats us, true accountability reigns supreme and people change the world. 

Are You Ready?

What do you want to change in your life?  How can you be more accountable and quit blaming others?  It takes courage to be accountable and to stop blaming others even if it is their fault.  You build strength the day you let that go and put personal accountability first in your life.  If you need an extra shot of inspiration, let Sara Bareilles inspire you to be Brave and accountable and the best version of you possible.  It’s magical and beautiful, and I hope you dive in and enjoy the ride.  After you practice for a while, it gets easier.   You live bigger than you ever dreamed.  When you live the accountable life for a while, let me know how it goes.  As always, thanks for being you and have a great day.


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  1. I never thought I was a social butterfly until the school called and said my daughter is talking too much, which I found was just fine with me any way. I could mostly relate to taking on jobs I did not enjoy. Great ideas on accountability!

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